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Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne

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Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne


Armony Plus is the top of the range cassette system with a compact design…
The ARMONY PLUS Folding Arm has a Tipping system and New Designed Front Bar that enables a perfect seal of the cassette when it is closed.

This provides protection for both the fabric and components from the elements.

The standard colour for ARMONY PLUS is White, but other personally selected powder coat colours are available, at an extra cost.

A Hood is available to prevent water and debris accumulating behind the cassette.

ARMONY PLUS can be built as small as 2080mm wide, with a projection of 1600mm.

The largest ARMONY PLUS will span some 7 metres in width with a maximum projection of 3600mm.

Manual gear-box operation is the standard for the ARMONY PLUS, but most clients prefer the motorized option with a remote control, or wall switch.

With a range of arm sizes (1600mm, 1850mm, 2100mm, 2350mm, 2600mm, 2850mm, 3100mm and 3600mm) the ARMONY PLUS full cassette model combines classic lines with functionality, to provide the ultimate in sun-protection.

The pitch adjustment on the ARMONY PLUS models is set at installation and is usually some 15 degrees off the horizontal.

Flat installations are NOT recommended.

Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne

Base Plus Folding Arm Awning

Base Plus is a premium cassette awning with appealing smooth lines…
Fully retractable and totally enclosed, the life of the Base Plus Folding Arm Awning is prolonged as it is neatly stored while not in use.

Its low profile is ideal for difficult spaces, and its pivoting mounting brackets allow a pitch angle adjustment of between 0-60 degrees (wall mounted) or 15-90 degrees (ceiling mounted).

The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning can be built as wide as 5.0m with a 3.1m projection and a tube size of 70mm diameter.

The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning has its fixing at the end of the cassette. No intermediate fixing is required.

The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning can be fixed to the wall or to the ceiling.

A perfect closing of the front bar is ensured through internal microregulation of the mechanism.

Often motorised for ease of operation the Base Plus Folding Arm Awning can be fitted with a sun and wind sensor to further reduce the risk of damage to the awning in adverse weather conditions.

The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning is ideal for areas up to 5 meters wide and requiring a coverage of 3100mm.

Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne

Palladio Folding Arm Awning

Palladio – a unique style Semi Cassette Folding Arm System from Europe

With the stylish, deep front bar, the Palladio gives the look of a more expensive, full cassette model awning, but it is in fact a semi cassette model.

The difference between a full cassette model (Base Plus, or Armony models) is that whilst the Palladio Folding Arm System retains the fully enclosed cassette for the preservation of the fabric, if viewed from directly beneath the awning, the retractable arms are visible.

If viewed from some 4 metres in front of the awning, the Palladio Folding Arm System looks like a full cassette model.

Another of the features of this very stylish folding arm awning is the fully extended roof panel which encloses any gap between the wall and the front of the awning.

This single piece integrated roof panel is constructed from extruded aluminium, and is powder-coated to optimize the finish and the look.

This very practical awning is secured to the wall by being mounted on a 40mm square steel bar, which is also powder-coated.

This tried and tested method of mounting the awning, also adds rigidity to the whole awning, making it one of the best looking, and best presented awnings on the market today.

folding arm awnings melbourne

Australia Folding Arm Awning

Australia is our best selling Folding Arm system for domestic and commercial installations…

The Australia Folding Arm Awning is an immensely strong and attractive system and has proven to be one of the most versatile awnings for commercial and domestic use.

Constructed around a 40mm x 40mm powder coated steel square bar, with 70mm and 78mm galvanised roller tube and neatly styled heavy extruded front bar, features heavy duty arms with stainless steel chain.

An 7:1 gearbox is standard and a wide angle pitch range of 5-60 degrees is achievable at installation with pitch control brackets.

Individual arm pitch control is available with the pitch adjustment being made on each arm using a crank handle.

An optional extendable valance front bar enables the Australia Folding Arm Awning to provide further enhanced sun and weather protection.

With arm sizes from 1600mm to 3600mm, a span of up to 12m is possible simply by adding the various modules which make up the system.

All Australia Folding Arm Awnings over six metres wide should be motorised, however, smaller awnings are also recommended for automation for ease of operation.

Standard colours are white, grey or ivory, but any powder-coat colour is available on request (at additional cost).

Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne

GLOBAL 2020 Folding Arm Awning

The GLOBAL 2020 is compact in every sense of the word?

The Global 2020 awning offers a full range of arm sizes from 1600mm projection to the massive 4100mm arms, with intermediate arm sizes of 1850mm, 2100mm, 2350mm 2600mm, 2850mm, 3100mm and 3600mm to complete the full range.

The width possibilities range from 2010mm to 12 metres.

The Global 2020 Folding Arm Awning is mounted from a powder coated 40mm x 40mm steel square bar adding strength and versatility to your awning.

With an end profile of 200mm by 200mm it sits snugly against the wall giving an unobtrusive appearance to the awning.

The pitch of the awning is set during the installation process and has a range between 5 and 60 degrees.

For Awnings over 6 metres wide sit is recommended that they be motorised.

If the awning is up to 6 metres wide, an optional extended valance option is also available.

commercial folding arm awnings melbourne

Victory Commercial Grade Folding Arm Awning

Our Victory is a high quality double bar mounted awning with strength and versatility…

An economical alternative to large shade structures, the Victory Folding Arm Awning features intermediary arms, which can be added in sections to achieve greater expanses.

Its maximum dimensions are 12m width and 5.1m projection with a roller angle tube sized of 78mm diameter and an installed pitch of between 0-45 degrees, either wall mounted or ceiling mounted (using a special ceiling support bracket).

The Victory Folding Arm Awning has a twin 40mm x 60mm rectangular steel support bars which are powder-coated.

Each arm features a powerful double stainless steel chain.

A protective pelmet box can be added to further reduce the weathering of the fabric while not in use.

The Victory Folding Arm Awning is only available with motorization and provided adequate fixing is available for the massive commercial awning it is an ideal choice where large areas need to be covered.

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